How to Pick Out a Dedicated Server

If you have a website that is getting out of hand and growing out of space, you will be in need of a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are great as they can stand just about anything in terms of overall performance and CPU usage. For those who don’t know, a dedicated server is a computer unit that is connected to the internet through a number of routers and network cables. When you are hosting your website on a dedicated server, you will have access to all the power in the computer. With a shared hosting server, one resource intensive website could cause the whole server to run slowly. You also have full access to the complete server, rather than having a bunch of people access the server.

Choosing a Dedicated Hosting Server

Choosing a dedicated server will be quite task, especially if you have no prior knowledge of how everything works. Before you purchase or lease your server, you will need to know what type of server you need and the amount of space and bandwidth you need. Dedicated servers could be made according to your specific requirements. Most servers will come with at least two hundred and fifty gigabytes of space and one terabyte of bandwidth. The amount of space you require would not be an issue unless you are running a file hosting website. These types of websites tend to consume a load of space and bandwidth. The control panel may or may not be included with your server, so you will be required to pay for it.

The next thing you need to think of is whether you want to have a managed hosting solution or an unmanaged hosting solution. Most people tend to lean towards a managed hosting solution as it leaves less responsibility on the client. When you have the hosting company manage the server, you don’t have to think about it at all. If the server crashes, the IT technicians at the data center will get it fixed right away. This leaves you with no strain, and the price of the managed service does reflect this. Some companies that have in house technicians choose to use an unmanaged hosting service, as they will be saving money in the long run. You need to think about the setup costs for the server as well, because some companies charge ridiculously high prices.

Lastly, make sure that the hosting company that you are going to choose is a good company to go with. You can read web hosting reviews from a number of sites to get feedback on what people think about these companies. Customer support should also be considered, as it is very important in the hosting business. Look for a server company that offers 24/7 customer support service, so that you will be able to get in touch with them at anytime. The best part about having a dedicated server is that you can upgrade at any time, by simply adding more space or memory.