Should You Use Free Web Hosting?

This question seems to come up very frequently on web hosting forums. Those who are looking to step foot into the online business world often find themselves thinking about whether they should opt for free web hosting. There are pros and cons to choosing free web hosting, so you should really look at both sides before making your decision. If you are planning on opening a business website, you should clearly avoid free web hosting. Many people have learned their lesson after they opted for free hosting for their business sites. It simply does not look professional and your clients will know that you are using a free hosting service. When you are investing money into a business, it does not look good to have an unreliable online exposure.

Free Web Hosting Service

Free web hosting is without a doubt one of the largest online businesses today. If you have absolutely no knowledge of how web hosting works or how to build a site, you should begin with free hosting. At the time of signing up for free hosting, you will be asked to choose a plan. A hosting plan outlines the amount of hosting space and bandwidth you will be getting. Depending on the free hosting company you have selected, you may or may not have the ability to add your own domain. Most often, users are asked to create a sub-domain using the company URL. As you can see, this would not look good for a business website. Once the sign up is completed, you can access your control panel.

For free hosting services, it is made very easy for users to build their sites. You will have an online site builder in the control panel. The site builder is much like a drag and drop feature, where you upload pictures and move them around. This makes building a site very easy, as it requires no knowledge of coding. If you are just starting off with creating sites, free web hosting would be the best option for you. If you mess things up, you can simply close your account and start a new one. Free web hosting provides a great opportunity to get to know things, as everything is free. Once you have picked up on all the features, you can move onto paid hosting.
When you pay absolutely nothing for hosting, the company has to deal with all the expenses. In this case, they do not provide any level of customer support. With no support and unreliable hosting services, it is not great for hosting sites. If you have a website that would be making your money, it is important that it be online at all times. In this case, it is crucial that you choose a paid hosting solution for it. With paid hosting, you are getting a much better level of service in terms of products and support.