Understanding Unlimited Hosting Plans

With the current web hosting market, it is extremely easy to find and purchase unlimited hosting. Unlimited hosting used to be a question to many, because many people believed it was not true. The reality of it is that unlimited hosting can’t be provided, however, corporate hosting companies have the resources to make it happen. A good example would be Dream Host, one of the world’s leading hosting companies. Dream Host started the unlimited hosting plans in early 2007, and now they have picked up on millions of new subscribers. Unlimited hosting is only available if the company oversells its services, it is just that simple.

What do we get from an unlimited hosting plan?

Space: With unlimited hosting, you will have the ability to upload an unlimited amount of data to your account. This may seem silly, but it is true. Hosting companies believe that you will not be using more than 15GB of data space. This number is based on the average amount of space that people generally use. Have you ever come across a hard drive that grows as you upload more data into it? I don’t think so, because that surely would be something. A very important thing you have to remember is to read the terms and conditions of the hosting plan. Several hosting companies will suspend your account if they feel you are using way too much space.

Bandwidth: Unmetered bandwidth is what you get with unlimited hosting. An issue for many webmasters is the limit on their bandwidth scale. Especially for sites that have audio and video streaming, bandwidth is used up like water in a hydro-plant. If you have a video site that uses a ton of bandwidth, you should consider switching to an unlimited hosting service. Unmetered bandwidth is not something you can get with a dedicated server; you can only get it with unlimited hosting.

Domains: Having the ability to add unlimited domains to your account is a great benefit. If you host one site on an unlimited hosting account, it would cost you more to host your site. Many shared hosting accounts have a limit on the number of domains you can add. Imagine having the ability to host a couple dozen sites on one single account that costs you about ten dollars a month. This is a great deal if you think about it.

When choosing a hosting company to offer you unlimited hosting, it is wise to choose a company that has been around for a while. An established web hosting company is the best place to buy unlimited hosting from, mainly due to the amount of resources they have available.